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By posting on the the Weblinksonline forum you grant (or warrant that the owner of such rights has expressly granted) Weblinksonline and/or relevant affiliated organizations the worldwide, perpetual, nonexclusive right to use your questions, comments, and postings, in their original or edited form, in television programs, books, articles, commentaries, or in any other medium now known or later developed. You also warrant that you own or otherwise control all of the rights to the content you have posted and that the public posting and use of such content by The Weblinksonline will not infringe the rights of any third party. Additionally, you warrant that any "moral rights" in posted materials have been waived. You are not entitled to any compensation for such use.


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We may, at our discretion, suspend or terminate the registration of any forum user who violates any of these terms and conditions of use, any of the member guidelines or for any other behavior that Weblinksonline in its discretion believes is inappropriate.

All posts made become the property of this website to be edited, moved or deleted as deemed to best serve the community.


Off-board contact

Respect the privacy of others and keep personal information private. Do not request personal information from others (names, email addresses, phone numbers etc.)If PM is not available, respect that and do not discuss it on the boards.

If the member PM is on, you may PM a member one time and if your PM is accepted by the member, then ask the member's permission before sending him or her any product or service information. Otherwise the member may report your message as spam, and your membership will be terminated.


Reporting a Post

If a post seems inappropriate click the "Report" button that appears below the post in question. Do not post defensively or reactively to abusive or problem posts, thereby creating more work for moderators to remove inappropriate posts. Do not report posts just because you disagree with the opinion.


Posting Rules

  • Stay on topic
  • Don't advertise your site, product or business
  • Don't post copyrighted materialsCreate a thread name that is comprehensive
  • Don't use all caps or excessive punctuation in thread titles
  • Do not post the same discussion more than once on a discussion forum or on many forums. Duplicate discussions can be frustrating for other members, especially for those whose time and energy is limited. Duplicate discussions will be deleted. Reposting the same message repeatedly can be interpreted as spam and could result in the loss of your membership.
  • Do not start bashing. If you have a complaint or comment to make then make it once and that's it.


One registration is allowed per person.

Only the registered person may use the registration. The member is responsible for any misuse of his/her membership.


Posting Content Belonging to Other People or Websites

Copying any content from another person's work, or another website, is not allowed without express permission from the creator/owner of the original work. Even if you attribute the article correctly it is still copyright infringement. Do not reproduce substantial parts of articles or news items from other sites in the forums. If you don't have permission to copy something then always quote a short excerpt only, indicating where the quote came from.  Weblinksonline shall not be held responsible for member posted information that violates copyright.


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Weblinksonline reserves the right to change, alter and/or modify its Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Forum Rules at any time and in its sole and absolute discretion.  Additionally, decisions regarding the administration and enforcement of such Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Forum Rules shall be made by Weblinksonline in its sole and absolute discretion.