Migrating Joomla 2.5.28 to 3.4

Before attempting any of the following steps make a backup of your site and set beez as the default template.  There has been a lot of confusion about migrating Joomla 2.5.28 to the Joomla 3 series and this is largely due to sites with a lot of third party extensions.  The following method avoids the pitfalls that occur due to third party extensions.

(This method can also be used to update any Joomla 3.x to the current Joomla 3 version if at step #2  you use the same Joomla full package version as your site.)


Why this migration method works

Step #1 Makes sure all the folders and  files of 3rd party extensions are removed and can not interfere with the updating process.  It also prevent the Joomla 'Remember me' plugin from causing cache problems.

Step #2 Updates your database by using fresh Joomla files.

Step #3 Allows fresh folders and files of the non compatible 3rd party extensions to be installed without altering their corresponding Tables in the original database.  Editing the configuration.php to connect to the original (updated) database gives you a completed, updated working site.


When to use this migration method

This method is intented to be used when the standard update fails.


The Method

      1.  Uninstall all 3rd party extensions (including custom Templates) that are only compatible with Joomla 2.5 and update the others. 
        1. Make sure your Joomla is 2.5.8 and set the defaualt template to Beez.
        2. Disable the 'Remember me' plugin.

      2.  Replace the files with those from the Joomla 2.5.28 full package. 
        1. Do this by deleting all the folders and files (except the configuration.php) and uploading the folders and files (except the /installation folder) of the Joomla 2.5.28 full package.  Then login to Joomla admin and use Components >>> Joomla update .. to update using the fresh files.

      3. Use a blank Joomla 3.x  installation to replace the folders and files from the compatible third party extensions. 
        1. Do this by deleting all the folders and file (including the configuration.php this time ) and uploading all the folders and files including the /installation folder this time) of the Joomla 3.x full package.
        2. Then install Joomla 3.x to an empty database and install the newest versions of the compatible 3rd party extensions to it.  All that remains is to edit the configuration.php file to connect to the original (now updated database).  And if required rename the htaccess.txt.