We no longer support the Kookie Grab module.  Below is the documentation for the original Kookie Grab created by Kevin Griffiths for those who wish to continue with it's development.

If there is enough demand for the module then we may develop the Kookie Grab module for Joomla 3.x and beyond.  If we do the module will be Open Source for Joomla CMS and licensed GPL. 



This Joomla 1.6 module helps the site owner to comply with current EU cookie regulations by creating a special View Level for visitors who agree to accept cookies. When configured correctly it will prevent cookies from 3rd party extensions from being placed on the visitors computer. Then allow the cookies if the user Agrees.


There are several customisable text fields.



Install into 1.6 as normal from the Extensions manager.



  1. In Global configuration >>> Permissions ... set Accept cookies Site Login to Allowed
  2. In User manager edit User name I use cookies Assign to accept cookies and add an email address.
  3. In Viewing Access levels select View Cookies, Allow Accept cookies and any other User groups who agree to accept cookies (such as Registered who may have accepted when registering).
  4. In the Module manager configure the module to a Position of your choice. Set Status as Published N.B. leave Access Public.



All modules that are set as 'Access' to 'View cookies' will only be activate when the visitor clicks the 'I accept cookies' button'. Because it logs them in as User 'Accept'. Please note that this module does not stop the session cookie or any cookies produced by your Template. But configured correctly it will prevent 3rd party extensions from dropping cookies on to the visitors computor until they accept them.



To uninstall go to Extension Manager: Manage. Then User manager and delete the User name 'I use cookies'.