Our site

This is a test and development Website using Joomla CMS, many of the pages on here are experimental. We have some Joomla FAQ's that are designed to help and give a quick guide, they are by no means comprehensive. They are tips and suggestions with links to official Joomla documentation and are not themselves official.


Other features of the site include Joomla modules.  The extensions were  originally designed more as a gimmick than as serious tools. However, they have proved popular and many people have downloaded them.  Because of the pouplarity we have developed we have developed more powerful tools and extensions.



SERPS a new page describing how to optimise your Website for search engines.


Updating Joomla a page in our Joomla FAQ to help understand the confusion with different update methods with the different Joomla versions.


We frequently add new sites to our weblinks page because we hope it helps with Google SERPS.


A little information has been added to our 'Replacing corrupt files' page.  It is in the Joomla FAQ's section although it does not apply strictly to Joomla it applies also to Graphic design.  And hopfully it will be moved to it's own page and expanded on.  We also have planed tutorials on other computer related topics like:

        • Printing Brochures.
        • Company image and Branding.
        • Getting high ranking in Google and other search engines.
        • Leaflets.
        • Social networking.